Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The top 3 questions every spoken English learner asks often

All of us know that English is the widely spoken language in most of the countries and an interesting second language to learn. It is good enough to learn the English language through professional spoken English classes. So that, you can learn it from basic level and you will get more exposures of current trend on pronunciations with English words. English language guarantees you a job which helps you at any stage of your life.

Benefits are huge with this interesting language. Always it will be a pleasure to learn new by just moving yourself from comfort zone. Native language will be easy for anyone & it will not require training. But spoken English requires to learn from training institutes.

1. Why should you learn professional English through spoken English training center?

Main job of professionals at spoken English training classes is update. There will be various training courses based on Industry specialization.

     If you are an employee at BPO/Call Center, you will require a special training apart from common spoken English course.
     If you are planning to move abroad due to job transfer, you will need to learn the particular culture based English language with accents.
     The same way for students who got placed with an International University & for the one who will often have trips to different countries for job purpose.
     In a nutshell, English makes your living easy and offering you more opportunities to learn and improve your lifestyle.
In such above cases, you will handle with communication in English with your profession only if you undergo such spoken English classes and training. You can self-learn the language from the online stuffs i.e. online videos and articles. But when you learn it from professionals directly you can get the doubts clarified at once. It is also a chance for you to get exposures about different accents and styles with body language, expressions etc. Visual observation always has more power than reading text and hearing texts.

2. Is Spoken English really helpful for enhancing brain power?

It’s true that learning a second language enhances your brain power. Our brain will work normal when speaking in native language. Because to speak in native language we will not need any training and strains. But when we try to learn new language brain power will get enhanced as it starts to work unusually than while speaking in Native language.

When you start learning with new things, you will start giving special attention on that than other normal known usual. So you will be able to know more information published online in English language and when the brain enhanced you will start thinking in English. You can be a professional English speaker when you attain this stage. You will need to concentrate on Sounds, Accents, Grammar, writing communication, fluency in the spoken English classes.

3. How does English language support for getting a job?

Career opportunities are more if you are professional and fluent in English to read, write & speak. Nowadays companies prefer candidates with communication skills. Benefits of English languages are:

     You will be the most preferred candidates than other if you are proficient in English language
     You can interact with International clients to avoid miscommunication & retain the business relationship
     Content Writer: The great job which has more opportunities in almost all industries. You can be a blog writer, proofreader, article writer etc.
     Email communication: If you are good at business English, you will know the art of attracting audiences with your way email writing. This way, you are simplifying the marketing jobs.

& Law, Finance, Teacher, Banks, Multinational Companies, Front office executive, Hospitality etc. are the places where candidates with good communication skills required. You can shine on technical or non-technical jobs with your English knowledge.

Learn this language to know wonders on the world. When you learn English speaking your second language you will feel more confident on trying new tasks and build innovations which supports your career in successful way.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Spoken English Training at Zeus Academy

Zeus Academy is the best-Spoken English training center in Chennai offers
customized spoken English Classes for various requirements & help Students, Job
seekers, employees, managers, leaders & Entrepreneurs to accomplish goals in
their position.
Our Professional trainers at Zeus makes you learn to read, write, speak in English
to improve your communication skill. Here We Focus On:

● International English
● Understanding Global English
● Speaking English Clearly
● Job/Industry specific Communication skills

We also teach on:
● Conversational English
● Advanced English
● Business English
● Presentation Skills
● Email Writing

In our Spoken English Training center, you can learn any of below courses based
on your need with Spoken English

● American Accent Training
● Voice & Accent Training
● Corporate Training
● Train-The-Trainer Program

Everyone should learn to speak in English and make life easy. The widely speaking
international language helps you to communicate with the people who knows only
English Language & when you choose abroad Universities for your higher studies.
Job seekers with lack of English Language can avoid losing Job opportunities by
learning spoken English.
Who should learn Spoken English?

● Students
● Job Seekers
● Call center / BPO Employees
● Leaders & Managers
● Entrepreneurs

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Spoken English Classes at ZEUS ACADEMY

We at ZEUS ACADEMY offer best spoken English classes in Chennai and make students learn English easily. We help students to know more beyond their comfort zone to achieve some most important goals as a breakthrough in life. As English is the commonly accepted international language everyone should learn to speak and communicate in English. Our spoken English courses support students in many different scenarios at their requirement.

Students who have undergone with our spoken English training classes will be good at,

  • Expressing information/thoughts by word of mouth with improved oral communication skills.
  • Voice accent with proficiency over pronunciation
  • The rising-falling Intonation pattern i.e  lowest tone, middle tone, highest tone with word stress
  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation with Confidence
  • Speaking fluently

Highlight of Spoken English classes at ZEUS ACADEMY

  • Soft Skills & Personality Development

Soft skills are important at work places. We train for Time Management, Personality Development, Self Confidence, Work life balance.

  • Written Practices

In our English writing practice classes we teach to write different Simple texts, business emails, articles, essays

  • Understanding the Global English

Global English is an advanced and new form of 20th and 21st century from the old English. To know what Global English is and how to learn it are important for the millennial students and we teach global English also at Zeus academy.

  • Language skills on required Industries

Even candidates are best at English language, terms to be used at different industry will vary. There are difference in words to be used in Business and personal life. We are making them clear on how to communicate professionally.
E.g.: In conversation with clients as a company, you should use 'provide’ or 'offer' instead of ‘give’

  • Avoiding basic grammar mistakes

Generally we people will casually use some English words wrongly without knowing it's deep meaning. It generally happens with non-native English speakers. It's not a great fault. But if you know it you will become a professional English speaker.
e.g.: 2 years before - is wrong, 2 years ago - is right

  • How to be presented in a seminar or client meeting

Talented guys are sometimes missing out to perform on presenting themselves. Though they are brilliant technically, they fail to accomplish the task just because of the communication lag and body language with a courage. Body language takes important part in serious business scenarios. This is one of the ways to explore how you are confident on your presentation and the contents of the seminar titles and its related core values.

More than what we explained above, we teach spoken English as per the candidate's requirements. Spoken English opens you up more opportunities and benefits in daily life. You need not learn English when you want to be in a circle without curiosity of what happens outside. But to achieve your personal goals and get exposures English language will be very supportive and a path maker. Let us know how we can help you with our spoken English classes.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

How effective are the Accent Training and Spoken English training programs?

In the corporate multinational business environment, CMOs and Other persons at managerial
position often have conversations & conferences with multinational clients. Though English the
common language of business communication, the accent differs from country to country. The
person at this important role should be capable of dealing with different conversation via different
accents. They have to upgrade this level at best to avoid miscommunication that leads to a loss of
customers. We are one of the professional Spoken English and Accent Training providers in
Chennai with the best teaching methodologies.
How effective when you learn spoken English with accent training?
It’s a very interesting scenario while practicing with group of people in a training center. Here,
pronunciation will be focused and improved. We can say accent training is the upgraded version of
spoken English.
Everyone will have their individual style of pronunciation but there will be differences in American
English and UK English. When you learn accent training with spoken English, you will have more
career opportunities open in front of you!
You can save time to spend separately for accent training when you learn it with spoken English and
also it will be proficient
To be perfect in English Communication you should start from the Basic English grammar and
vocabulary. If you are good at Spoken English and want to develop technically at your workplace,
you have to watch more videos and read more articles and practice as you did for spoken English
training. While watching videos you can notify the how the accents are pronounced. ZEUS Academy
trainers are expert in such training and it will be in a very professional way. While getting trained, you
also can learn more apart from training classes’ i.e. you can notice their body language, style of talk
and eye movement towards the group of people. This will help you most in conferences and
seminars when you conduct first time. Voice and accent through professional spoken
English training classes add a sense of confidence to your speech.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Watch Videos For Learning English Quickly and Easily

Hi, we at ZEUS ACADEMY today tell you an interesting way to learn English easily. There are some basic qualifications required before getting into the spoken english classes. Yes, it’s about your level of understanding with English words.

If you know to use and understand the simple english words and sentences, that enough to learn english. Even if you don't know that, but want to learn english; we have special section for that. No worry... We can teach you from basic to advanced english. Contact us at

You can learn english easily by Watching Videos with Descriptions. More videos are available with text contents in the description section. Choose and save such videos for your regular practice. That video may be of any category related to what you are interested in i.e. English movie, Some seminars/webinars, online english classes, articles, advertisements, web series anything. If the video you are going to watch is about your interest your learning will be easy.

How to learn english from video with description contents:
Firstly you have to listen the video contents what the person in that video talks about. Secondly read the description given in text format. Thirdly you have to follow both the video content, sorry the audio content & text content. Yes, this time you should not see the video. You have to just hear the audio and see the texts given below in the description section. Repeat this practice for two or three times and you will know the art of following texts with audio contents and understand the meaning of what the video is about. This is one of the quick ways to learn english. When you learn it with the help spoken english training classes, you will become a professional english speaker. They will give you some important tips which can’t get by self-study.

Benefits of this kind of learning English:
Students, Job Seekers, Managers, CEOs, Marketing Persons, Employees working at MNCs, Call Center/BPO employees etc., who do not have time to go classes for improving their communication skills. These guys should definitely know about understanding the english easily with different accents. We everyone couldn’t speak english in all accents, but we should be able to understand all the english accents.

When you learn english by watching videos with description contents you will get the added benefits that makes you good as great listener with right understanding of english words and its meaning.  When you watch videos, you can learn some good body languages which helps you to conduct conferences and seminars at your work place.  

At one time, you will not need the help of video descriptions if you practice regularly. You will understand directly from the video and audio contents and that’s the improvement you should have and benefit of this type learning. You can’t achieve all these at once you start learning. But you can get this skill in a month, if you practice sincerely.
In the same way, you can practice it by watching english movies with sub titles. You can check whether you are right or wrong what understood with the sub-titles.  
Zeus Academy spoken english training center offers,

Spoken English Classes
American Accent Training
Voice Accent Training
Corporate Training
Train the trainer

Write to us at , let’s helps you achieve your goal.  

Monday, 3 December 2018

Spoken English Class Training in Chennai

Our spoken English classes in Chennai are tailored to teach global English & industry specific language skills for all age groups. Call Us for more details.  Zeus Academy offers the best training for spoken English in Chennai. Enroll & learn spoken English from experienced and verified tutors to enrich your career goals.
Zeus Academy provides best Corporate training in Chennai which meets the company specific needs. Our Corporate training classes are unique and quality-specific.

The top 3 questions every spoken English learner asks often

All of us know that English is the widely spoken language in most of the countries and an interesting second language to learn. It is goo...