Sunday, 9 December 2018

Watch Videos For Learning English Quickly and Easily

Hi, we at ZEUS ACADEMY today tell you an interesting way to learn English easily. There are some basic qualifications required before getting into the spoken english classes. Yes, it’s about your level of understanding with English words.

If you know to use and understand the simple english words and sentences, that enough to learn english. Even if you don't know that, but want to learn english; we have special section for that. No worry... We can teach you from basic to advanced english. Contact us at

You can learn english easily by Watching Videos with Descriptions. More videos are available with text contents in the description section. Choose and save such videos for your regular practice. That video may be of any category related to what you are interested in i.e. English movie, Some seminars/webinars, online english classes, articles, advertisements, web series anything. If the video you are going to watch is about your interest your learning will be easy.

How to learn english from video with description contents:
Firstly you have to listen the video contents what the person in that video talks about. Secondly read the description given in text format. Thirdly you have to follow both the video content, sorry the audio content & text content. Yes, this time you should not see the video. You have to just hear the audio and see the texts given below in the description section. Repeat this practice for two or three times and you will know the art of following texts with audio contents and understand the meaning of what the video is about. This is one of the quick ways to learn english. When you learn it with the help spoken english training classes, you will become a professional english speaker. They will give you some important tips which can’t get by self-study.

Benefits of this kind of learning English:
Students, Job Seekers, Managers, CEOs, Marketing Persons, Employees working at MNCs, Call Center/BPO employees etc., who do not have time to go classes for improving their communication skills. These guys should definitely know about understanding the english easily with different accents. We everyone couldn’t speak english in all accents, but we should be able to understand all the english accents.

When you learn english by watching videos with description contents you will get the added benefits that makes you good as great listener with right understanding of english words and its meaning.  When you watch videos, you can learn some good body languages which helps you to conduct conferences and seminars at your work place.  

At one time, you will not need the help of video descriptions if you practice regularly. You will understand directly from the video and audio contents and that’s the improvement you should have and benefit of this type learning. You can’t achieve all these at once you start learning. But you can get this skill in a month, if you practice sincerely.
In the same way, you can practice it by watching english movies with sub titles. You can check whether you are right or wrong what understood with the sub-titles.  
Zeus Academy spoken english training center offers,

Spoken English Classes
American Accent Training
Voice Accent Training
Corporate Training
Train the trainer

Write to us at , let’s helps you achieve your goal.  

Monday, 3 December 2018

Spoken English Class Training in Chennai

Our spoken English classes in Chennai are tailored to teach global English & industry specific language skills for all age groups. Call Us for more details.  Zeus Academy offers the best training for spoken English in Chennai. Enroll & learn spoken English from experienced and verified tutors to enrich your career goals.
Zeus Academy provides best Corporate training in Chennai which meets the company specific needs. Our Corporate training classes are unique and quality-specific.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Learning English Language do magic in Career Building:

English language is taking advantage of connecting people via
communication worldwide whether it is the most famous big university,
School, Workplace, cinema, multimedia etc. Such wonderful language is
easy to learn, write & speak as its simplicity & always gives you benefit only
for your personal and career development. When it comes for career
development, English is a must learn language to build your career better at
every stage. We share here the advantages when you are familiar with
English language to read, write & speak.

 Apart from core subject, there are more jobs open for candidates with
best communication skills in english. Call centers, BPO, ITESs,
Customer Support, Program Host in TV channels, writing scripts for
English Novels & Magazines and for English movies etc.
 After joining with your dream job, to communicate with the co-workers
in your workplace English will be useful for better communication that
most of people will know to speak atleast basic English level
 To make your job progressive communication skill&should
not be a barrier. You will need to manage with your team members,
report with higher officials to prove your talent.
 If you are a sales person or at tele caller job, you need to have a
strong English knowledge to explain the special features of your
company's products/services in a very prominent way to enhance the
 If your job is having more chances of travelling to more countries,
English will you complete your work successfully by getting the details
without any misunderstandings. Just a small word change will affect a
total business deal. If any such issues happen that day will be final day
of your employment.
 For getting regular updates for your job position which is most
necessary, you will need to read more articles in English. Without
knowing to read and understand the language you can't complete your
task at time
Still more benefits there with English language for students, employees,
entrepreneurs, global leaders and more. The most common speaking official
language in more countries. Learn such English language through reputed
spoken English classes&where the trainer will train professionally.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Corporate Training Your Company Should Consider

We help you to overcome your hesitation while speaking English when you
play an important role. Corporate Training proposes a new solution that
corresponds to your personal life and professional needs. With the help of
corporate training, you can improve fluency, marketing strategy, financial
tricks, and sales & purchase in your business.
Good English Speaking skill enhances your image in the society and
increase your confidence level in the workplace. Learning English for
Business purpose will help you increase your communication clearly and
concisely. Corporate Training also helpful for the fundamental skills in your
workplace such as checking reports, planning, writing business letters,
emails communication etc.
Our Corporate training programs are specially designed for employees’
effective presentations, telephone calls, negotiations, dealings, and

Monday, 12 November 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Corporate Training?

1.      Corporate training makes your employees to be efficient, productive and adaptable which results you save time and cost.

2.    In the past years, employee’s knowledge was rated based on reading, writing, and arithmetic. But these skills are not enough for a lasting success in today’s unstable business environment. That means these changes caused a continuous response to technological advancement and a rapidly changing social and economic landscape.

3.    Most organizations need their employees to be efficient with the following skills as follow,

·        Critical thinking
·        Problem-solving
·        Communication
·        Collaboration
·        Creativity
·        Innovation

4.    Your most valuable employees are your biggest asset since they get they work to meet your business objectives. An effective corporate training designed specifically for your organization will provide your employees with necessary next-generation skills which will be bringing with it a host of business benefits.

5.     The outline of corporate training has some critical reasons why you need to invest in spoken English classes. Corporate training supports succession planning which includes leadership, strategic decision making, effective people management, and role-specific skills.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Spoken English Classes in Chennai | Improve Spoken English

Our spoken English classes in Chennai are tailored to teach global English & industry specific language skills for all age groups. Call Us for more details.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

How effective are the Accent Training and Spoken English training programs?

In the current scenario of business world, a person's personality is evaluated with his English communication and the way he speaks with confidence. To climb the ladder of success, you must be a good English communicator here. We are one of the professional Spoken English and Accent Training provider with the best teaching methodology.

Improve your English proficiency

Voice and Accent training requires serious practice and technique. By enrolling yourself with Voice and Accent training programs, you will be one step nearby your success. Before entering into the technical English you must be a good speaker in English.

However, if you’re coming from a non-English speaking country, it’s most important to fine-tune your voice like an English speaker. If your communication or pronunciations of English words is not natural, it could make your conversation or your job interviews failed.

Those who want to deepen your English communication skills, you must start from the basic English grammar and vocabulary. Technical English speaking is your ticket which will enhance your value in the workplace. When you’re sure that you’re making English sounds “correct,” that provides you with an effective presentation with greater confidence. And our familiarized teaching methodology is a key which gives you a strong foundation to start practicing. click the video to gain more about fluent English.

If you're fluent in communication, that ensures your career and stylizing your personal life. Voice and accent through professional spoken English training classes add a sense of confidence to your speech.

Watch Videos For Learning English Quickly and Easily

Hi, we at ZEUS ACADEMY today tell you an interesting way to learn English easily. There are some basic qualifications required before g...