Thursday, 3 January 2019

Spoken English Classes at ZEUS ACADEMY

We at ZEUS ACADEMY offer best spoken English classes in Chennai and make students learn English easily. We help students to know more beyond their comfort zone to achieve some most important goals as a breakthrough in life. As English is the commonly accepted international language everyone should learn to speak and communicate in English. Our spoken English courses support students in many different scenarios at their requirement.

Students who have undergone with our spoken English training classes will be good at,

  • Expressing information/thoughts by word of mouth with improved oral communication skills.
  • Voice accent with proficiency over pronunciation
  • The rising-falling Intonation pattern i.e  lowest tone, middle tone, highest tone with word stress
  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation with Confidence
  • Speaking fluently

Highlight of Spoken English classes at ZEUS ACADEMY

  • Soft Skills & Personality Development

Soft skills are important at work places. We train for Time Management, Personality Development, Self Confidence, Work life balance.

  • Written Practices

In our English writing practice classes we teach to write different Simple texts, business emails, articles, essays

  • Understanding the Global English

Global English is an advanced and new form of 20th and 21st century from the old English. To know what Global English is and how to learn it are important for the millennial students and we teach global English also at Zeus academy.

  • Language skills on required Industries

Even candidates are best at English language, terms to be used at different industry will vary. There are difference in words to be used in Business and personal life. We are making them clear on how to communicate professionally.
E.g.: In conversation with clients as a company, you should use 'provide’ or 'offer' instead of ‘give’

  • Avoiding basic grammar mistakes

Generally we people will casually use some English words wrongly without knowing it's deep meaning. It generally happens with non-native English speakers. It's not a great fault. But if you know it you will become a professional English speaker.
e.g.: 2 years before - is wrong, 2 years ago - is right

  • How to be presented in a seminar or client meeting

Talented guys are sometimes missing out to perform on presenting themselves. Though they are brilliant technically, they fail to accomplish the task just because of the communication lag and body language with a courage. Body language takes important part in serious business scenarios. This is one of the ways to explore how you are confident on your presentation and the contents of the seminar titles and its related core values.

More than what we explained above, we teach spoken English as per the candidate's requirements. Spoken English opens you up more opportunities and benefits in daily life. You need not learn English when you want to be in a circle without curiosity of what happens outside. But to achieve your personal goals and get exposures English language will be very supportive and a path maker. Let us know how we can help you with our spoken English classes.

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